Till the very End

Gas Mask couple kissing – Loui Jover – Till the very End

Bird Masks

Slightly creepy looping gif of a couple of bird masks – date unknown.

Masks in the Wood

Bit of naked mask fun in the woods.  

Freaky Kid in Mask

Great freaky pic of a kid in a Mask!

Umm, Tent Mask Dress thing?

Totally weird/cool outfit for summer!

European Pagan Rituals Teeth Mask

Another great European Pagan Rituals Mask!

European Pagan Rituals Bear Masks

Tad scary that some of these are real/dead bears, but great stuff.

Moulded Leather Plague Doctor Mask

Casts made of face, on the cast sculpt a beak then tape up the sculpt. Cut the tape into pattern pieces and transfer to paper. Tweaked the pattern…

Cardboard/Ductape and Paper Towel Plague Doctor Mask

Cardboard/ductape shape, covered that with watered down glue and paper towels. Painted it with acrylic paint, gold string stitching. Original: Plague Doctor Mask by IceandSnow

Austrian World War 1 Gas Mask

Sailors aboard an Austrian warship wearing protective suits and gas masks during World War 1.

Lion Mask

Rabbit, Tree, Car

Homemade Thing

Bear Hunting Suit

Unicorn by the sea

Source: 5378867576

Hide behind a mask!

Red Wolf

Hey Piggy

Hey Piggy

So, pig masks, are they, you know!?

Bunny Mask (Sexy?)

Bunny Mask (Sexy?)

Look at the bunny mask…

The unthinkable will happen...

Fish Rabbit Goat

The unthinkable will happen…

Psycho Teddy

Psycho Teddy

Rabbits and a Wolf

Two Rabbits and a Wolf

Gas Mask Stance

Posing in a Gas Mask

Ghost Dog

Ghostly Dog Costum

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